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It is undeniable that we live in a digital world now, and we are gravitating towards the world of electronic media, the internet, and mobile computing. Even though it makes our lives simpler, we must understand that the latest developments have made us more vulnerable and exposed to the invasion of privacy, malicious attacks, frauds, and various unpleasantries. This is the main reason why cybersecurity plays an integral role in maintaining a well-ordered and secure digital world. Cybersecurity protects us from cybercriminals, agents of fraud, and hackers. Considering the rise in cyberattacks in recent times, it is important for businesses to employ active cybersecurity measures. Globally, there are various firms delivering excellent cybersecurity services, but RevBits stands out from the rest. Taking a radically new approach, RevBits CIP is the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform that offers superior protection by sharing threat intelligence and other relevant data between ten different security modules that encompass email security, endpoint security, identity management, and deception technology.

The combination of these security modules enables RevBits CIP with advanced analytics, visibility and automation. Together, they create a consolidated and unified security platform. All of these services are embedded within a single software stack, and the data, such as logging, events, and other information, is collected into the RevBits console. Administrators only need to go to one interface to see all security events. This simplifies the correlation of everything for the administrator. This also eliminates the complexity of having to manage and correlate the data from every individual function, from different vendors. As with most corporate resources, security teams have a limited capacity. Being able to provide them with a single integrated platform, out-of-the-box, gives them a huge productivity boost. Less time and money are spent managing and supporting different tools and environments, while the exchange of relevant threat information allows for much faster, and more proactive interventions.

In conversation with David Schiffer, CEO of RevBits Q. What was the idea behind starting RevBits?

Having come from a background in cybersecurity services, we experienced firsthand, many major flaws in widely used cybersecurity software. The impetus in starting RevBits was the need to create cutting edge and innovative software to close the gaps left wide open by mainstream cybersecurity vendors.

Q. Perception and reality must coincide in the field of cybersecurity. How do you know if there is a probability of breach?

Generally speaking, the probability of a breach increases based upon the security posture of an organization, and their number of employees. Bad actors will always go after low hanging fruit. An organization with 5000 employees has a much greater chance for someone to click on a phishing email, than a company with 50 employees. With a ransomware attack, a multi-billion-dollar enterprise will have greater financial resources and more at stake, than a mom-and-pop business.

Just because a business spends a lot of money on cybersecurity, doesn’t mean they’re secure, and their data and user privacy are protected. Many organizations deploy a security capability like PAM or endpoint protection, and become complacent. There is no place for complacency with cybersecurity. It’s very dangerous to have a “set it and forget it” mentality. Bad actors are always changing their tactics. They become more sophisticated, and the challenge for an enterprise is to stay ahead of them. Accurately predicting the probability of a cyberbreach is enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning, as the systems learn from data, and identify patterns to inform decisions for intervention.

Q. What are the challenges of being in the cybersecurity segment?

It’s always a challenge for a newcomer going up against already established vendors. While we have a unified platform, every one of our security modules can also be deployed as standalone solutions. So, we really have to compete in multiple market areas. The security market in general is a difficult space. When it comes to cybersecurity, brand isn’t important, as noted by the myriad cyberbreaches we see every day in the news. It’s about having the right solutions. Our biggest benefit lies in our innovation and patented technology advantages. Not long ago, we conducted independent competitive testing for our endpoint security products with ICSA Labs, and had tremendous results. We had zero false positives, with 99.3 % protection. There were just two samples we didn’t detect with scanning. But we absolutely would have detected them, had the lab activated our behavioral analysis.

Q. How have you innovated during the COVID-19 pandemic? How has the pandemic affected the company?

Remote access to the corporate network has been more important than ever during the pandemic. It has also become clear, that there are many security risks involved in using VPNs, as they can allow outsiders to access a company’s critical assets. We saw the need to have a much more secure and granular way to control external access. We’re accomplishing this with our unique architecture that includes Zero Trust Networking, or ZTN. RevBits ZTN will be available as a unified component of the RevBits CIP, or as a standalone solution.

Q. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is finding and hiring qualified staff that fit the job requirements and corporate culture. As a CEO, critical to supporting that corporate culture is staying focused on the company’s core competencies, while remaining flexible. It’s a balancing act of staying the course or changing gears, while understanding the costs and implications of each. For me, integrity and credibility are important, in order to create a lasting reputation for oneself, and for the company. Establishing trust and empowering employees, enabling them to take risks, and solve the most difficult customer problems is part of the innovation process, and our reward.

Meet the leader behind the success of RevBits

David Schiffer is the CEO of RevBits. David’s career spans several decades of mathematics and computer science endeavors. He began his career in both technology and international business, after earning two Master’s Degrees in Math and Computer Science. David is the Co-Founder of two technology companies. Prior to co-founding RevBits, he was the Founder and CEO of Safe Banking Systems, which was sold to Accuity / RELX after almost twenty years in business.

“RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. With RevBits Cybersecurity Solutions, every network can be protected on the user’s terms with this comprehensive suite of advanced, customizable software designed to protect every business from any threat.”

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RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. Protect against them with RevBits comprehensive Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform.