Develop a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Playbook for a Strong Security Posture

Coaching staff and players rely upon an incisive, intuitive sports playbook to provide practical guidance in areas that directly impact performance. Its purpose is to align individuals with a clear team plan, resolve conflicts, and learn from every game and season to develop a smarter and more consistent culture of success. Sports playbooks are used to share new team competencies, improve performance and change behaviors.

In a similar manner, cybersecurity teams benefit from a playbook that contains all the pieces and parts that make up an organization’s go-to approach for protecting digital assets and resources. It should include the plan design, process workflows, security and IT operating procedures, and policies that meet business requirements and shape a consistent and reliable security response.

The playbook can provide IT and security teams with 360-degree visibility into enterprise-wide attack targets. If properly devised, it will provide insights for developing and implementing continuous security improvements and the knowledge needed to successfully achieve goals.

What steps should be in your cybersecurity playbook?

1. A layered approach to your security stack will do much to keep attackers out. Conducting an analysis regarding what surfaces are vulnerable to exploitation and reviewing what protections are in place will guide your playbook development.

2. Detection mechanisms should be evaluated to determine effectiveness. How responsive is your notification system for intrusions? Can you assess the time lapse between when the incident occurred versus when you found out? Discovering the scope of a compromise and the number of systems affected will inform modifications and additional remediation steps to be taken. You will need clear protocols and ‘plays’ for dealing with any impacted or exposed data.

3. Response protocols are a must for every playbook. Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions must include these plays:

  • Convert a large stream of alerts into a small number of incidents that are more easily investigated
  • Provide integrated incident responses with context from all security modules to quickly resolve alerts
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to mitigate risks faster
  • Integrate security functions with context that inform incident response activity across diverse attack surfaces

4. Communication protocols should clearly detail each person’s responsibilities for conveying incident information through various channels. These will outline who is to speak with external shareholders like clients, vendors, the media, government agencies etc. It is essential that breach notification policies are understood across the organization in order to avoid fines and penalties.

5. Playbook practice drills should be held regularly to reassess your plays with all team members and associated stakeholders to determine if your plans are still appropriate based upon the current threat landscape. Complacency that allows your playbook to become stale and outdated will lead to serious and costly repercussions.

The right cybersecurity solutions enable the execution of an effective playbook

What every cybersecurity team needs is an integrated dashboard that unifies all elements of the playbook with multi-layered detection and response, cross-platform alert notification and actionable intelligence to reported incidents for streamlined discovery, response and mitigation. RevBits Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform (CIP) includes these integrated products and modules for comprehensive cyber threat vigilance and protection. Each product is available as a standalone, or as a complete and natively integrated solution that will fully execute every aspect of your carefully crafted security playbook.

RevBits CIP

Email Security

  • Endpoint Email Security
  • Secure Email Gateway

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoint Security


  • Privileged Session Management
  • Service Account Management
  • Web application access management
  • Third-party access management
  • Full-featured password management
  • Certificate Management
  • Key management

Zero Trust Networking (ZTN)

Deception Technology

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RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. Protect against them with RevBits comprehensive Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform.

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RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. Protect against them with RevBits comprehensive Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform.