Digital Forensics and Incident Response

3 min readOct 12, 2022
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Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) is a multifaceted service that enables enterprises to respond to a potential security breach. DFIR can act as a post-breach specialist for response in evaluating a security incident, and a service that enables structure planning and training for creating security playbooks.

Because of the constant threat of cyberattacks, DFIR has become a strategic investment. Many businesses are not effectively planning their security strategy and enhancing their defensive and remediation controls. DFIR optimizes an organization’s ability to react to incidents, and speeds reaction time. DFIR services are increasingly critical to an organization’s strategic IR planning. Without post-breach planning activities, a successful cybersecurity attack can create serious business disruption.

Having a robust DFIR service in place elevates an organization’s security posture, allowing for clear, structured planning and increased client confidence. The increased risk of cyberattacks has pushed the need to invest in DFIR capabilities to react, remediate and recover digital infrastructure.

Organizations need a rapid incident response protocol, with accurate and highly detailed investigations to minimize the impact of a breach, reduce downtime, and meet regulatory or insurance needs.

DFIR capabilities, whether in-house or through a managed security provider, help organizations recover from security incidents quickly.

  • Provides guidance and granular detail regarding the true impact of a breach
  • Provides a chain of custody; a process that proves evidence used to prosecute a cybercriminal is legitimate and not fraudulently edited.

RevBits cross-functional security with a unified dashboard simplifies forensics

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, or CIP, collects, processes, and preserves security data through its natively embedded security products. These include Endpoint Security, Email Security, Privileged Access Management, Zero Trust Networking, and Deception Technology. CIP has a unified dashboard that provides a 360-degree view to analyze multi-vector cyberattack evidence. RevBits powerful security modules exchange intelligence to uncover the digital evidence analysts need to optimize detection and rapidly mitigate events.

Reduce Response Time — RevBits shortens mean time to respond (MTTR) with automated and single-click mitigation across all attack vectors and surfaces. Organizations gain full insights into malicious activity, with centralized policy enablement and enforcement, and a contextualized and coalesced 360-degree view across the enterprise.

Remove Security Gaps — RevBits CIP eliminates security gaps associated with siloed solutions, disjointed data structures and languages, and disparate detection methods. We unify visibility to maximize the accuracy of malware detection and mitigation, while minimizing false positives. We authorize and authenticate access controls for human and machine identities, privileged accounts and secrets, endpoint security, and zero trust networking — all within a single interface.

Seamlessly Navigate Incidents — Navigating through malware incident details becomes easier and more efficient utilizing RevBits integrated search capabilities, machine learning score graph, virus scan indicators, process trees, and radar graphs. Mouse-over functions provide even more granular information about IP addresses, and indicators on attack IDs, with links to the MITRE Attack Framework Database. Analysts and forensic investigators can quickly and easily view indicators, timelines, and tactics, and all the steps that were taken, for both malicious and suspicious activities.

Aggregate and Correlate Diverse Attack Data — RevBits correlates diverse protection measures within the cybersecurity infrastructure, empowering security analysts and forensic investigators with rapid results. These automated results have greater impact by proactively protecting business assets, rather than reacting to false positives and other non-priority events.

Reduce Response from Days to Minutes — RevBits intuitive GUI dashboard dramatically reduces false positives, allowing analysts to be more efficient, focusing on the most critical incidents. The ability to make the right decisions, when time is limited and the pressure is on, can dramatically limit an attack’s impact. With RevBits, triaging and investigating are accomplished much more quickly, over manual event responses.

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