Simulated Testing Discovers Hidden Vulnerabilities in Your Cybersecurity

2 min readJun 16, 2022


Understanding how to protect your organization, and align resources with cybersecurity, begins with an awareness of unprotected vulnerabilities and security gaps. Utilizing the discovery process of simulating real-world attacks will help you gain control over cybersecurity issues and illuminate potential weak points.

Penetration testing, or pen testing, enables you to seek out, report on, and fix security holes before they are compromised. Conducting real-world attacks and remediating your most critical vulnerabilities while maintaining daily operations, ensures system protections and data confidentiality.

Pen testing services are comprised of cybersecurity professionals and experts in their field, using their expertise to test IT resources and assets for vulnerabilities through simulated cyberattacks. These simulated attacks seek out exploitable vulnerabilities within computer systems, networks, websites and applications. Test results enable you to improve your cyber defense with realistic and actionable intelligence. Actionable deliverables include, detailed reporting with prioritization of findings, next steps, remediation guidance and documented story boarding details for the entire attack chain.

Penetration Testing Services

  • Internal pen testing simulates realistic attacks from an insider threat that has gained access to an endpoint, including escalation of privilege, traversing the network, and extracting sensitive data. External pen testing simulates realistic attacks on Internet-facing servers, applications and services.
  • In addition to attack simulations, application assessments of web apps and web services identify security weaknesses that can lead to unauthorized access and data compromise. Additionally, comprehensive analysis of mobile applications and wireless security assessments provide in-depth analysis of your organization’s wireless security implementation.
  • Assessments of embedded devices, ICS, and SCADA, and internal and external IoT devices, including embedded firmware susceptible to malicious commands and actions, identify areas of security weakness.
  • Conducting discovery of privileged accounts identifies attempts to gain access to sensitive servers within the network. This includes scanning and mapping out the entire internal network.
  • Comprehensive pen testing includes testing the enterprise’s security stack of onboard antivirus, firewalls, network rules, and VLANs. It also includes evaluating network segments, IDS and logs, and early warning alert systems.
  • Reviewing security policies and procedures, SOC capabilities, threat hunting capabilities, and physical security is also conducted, along with security awareness training and email phishing sensitization.
  • Pen testing services can design and run a specialized phishing campaign based to test employee knowledge and readiness for a targeted phishing campaign.

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