Three Important Benefits MSSPs Gain from Cybersecurity Consolidation

3 min readJan 19, 2023
Benefits MSSPs from Cybersecurity Consolidation

vendors, has become complex and fragmented over time. This is especially true for managed security service providers (MSSPs). That’s one reason why they are consolidating their cybersecurity solutions. According to a research report by Acronis, 92% of service providers have already begun consolidating and 70% plan to consolidate further.

Consolidation removes complexity from the traditional IT infrastructure by utilizing one dashboard that consolidates multiple security functions and coalesces data from multiple sources. This simplifies monitoring and management, to more reliably and efficiently mitigates threats. A consolidated cybersecurity environment also translates into higher margins and profits for MSSPs.

Below are three reasons MSSPs are consolidating their cybersecurity into single platform solutions.

1. Lower costs by streamlining and optimizing services

MSSPs can save substantial costs by consolidating their cybersecurity products into a single platform. When an MSSP takes on a new vendor, they must train their staff, and subsequently their customers. By working with a single platform and dashboard, the learning curve, as well as ongoing support, is streamlined. And following a security incident, MSSPs with consolidated cybersecurity can save many hours in their recovery efforts.

2. Reduce manual time and effort that is prone to human error

On average, MSSPs have more than a dozen vendors and products to serve their customers’ needs. In addition to these known products, users install their own software, creating unprotected blind spots that increase an organization’s vulnerability and risk. When multiple tools are introduced, something is bound to break. It only takes a single failure to bring down an entire corporate network.

Organizations make fewer mistakes when they have a standardized approach to protect their operations across workloads and different customers. Fewer errors can result in higher MSSP profits, lower costs, and higher reliability that optimizes the customer experience. When customers have lower risk, they can leverage the business benefits of operational resiliency.

3. Technology and product breadth and depth within a unified platform is the best defense

There’s a new arms race. It’s a cyber arms race, and it’s being fueled by artificial intelligence, machine learning and other automation technologies. But the cost of procuring these armaments can be prohibitive for small and even medium size businesses. This is where a single consolidated cybersecurity platform can help level the playing field for MSSPs looking to expand their customer-base.

Find a cybersecurity vendor whose products you can trust

According to the Acronis report, when MSPs were asked to consider the ramifications of a potential cybersecurity breach that would compromise their clients’ IT systems, 97% said they’re concerned. Almost half of the respondents don’t completely trust their current cybersecurity vendors, and 49% admitted their clients don’t completely trust their security services. MSPs can only protect their clients and build unshakeable trust based upon the tools they provide.

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