With a Unified Security Platform, the Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Over the years, security solutions from single-function products have limited IT visibility and mitigation efforts, due to their disparate nature. These siloed products have become more advantageous to cybercriminals benefiting from the security and visibility gaps between products. The future of single-function products seems to be going the way of the legacy corporate perimeter. I liken them to a sundial. They can be accurate, but no one depends upon a sundial to tell the time.

Unifying security functions brings multiple threat vectors into full view

There is no single product that will solve all cybersecurity challenges. In fact, as an increasing number of security products are added to the IT ecosystem, they make managing and coordinating threat mitigation more cumbersome and complex. Meanwhile, cybersecurity attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication. In response, we’re now seeing many of the most forward-thinking organizations adopt a more unified approach.

To secure their digital assets, businesses are leveraging unified security platforms that protect digital transformation, remote workforce, mobility, and the cloud. An extensible security platform, with embedded multi-function security capabilities, creates an ecosystem that synergistically and efficiently addresses the frequency, complexity, and rapidly changing nature of cyberattacks. A single dashboard can forensically map multiple attack vectors, and coordinate analytics, machine learning, behavior analysis, identity and privileged access, and a zero trust model. This unified approach can create a highly effective cybersecurity posture.

As is often the case with people, specialized technology solutions working together can achieve more than what can be accomplished with each solution working independently. Endpoint security, email security, privileged access management, deception technology, and zero-trust networking all have their strengths. But when you put those strengths together, they produce something greater than the individual products could alone. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, or CIP, with its ability to protect all enterprise digital assets, is a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Unifying the cybersecurity ecosystem

What we see in nature is an environment made up of plants, animals, insects, and other organisms that function as a cohesive, synergistic ecosystem. We can describe the cybersecurity ecosystem as an environment comprised of diverse technologies, people, processes, and policies, that together, interact in various ways to protect and reduce risk to an organization. Its role is to prevent the infiltration of threat actors who aim to disrupt and conduct malicious activity against businesses, governments, and individuals.

RevBits CIP greatly reduces the overhead and complexity that comes with deploying multiple single-function products from different vendors. It eliminates having to coordinate and manage different licensing schedules, commercial terms, help desk and support, and updates and upgrades. These, and other technical and administrative burdens, all become a thing of the past.

RevBits CIP centralizes the collection of historic and real-time event data into a unified data viewpoint. Multiple security capabilities are brought together within a single dashboard to provide high-fidelity visibility that presents strong evidence of malicious activity, with automation that enables a faster, and more efficient response.

The ability to easily and immediately visualize and analyze diverse data sets, within different parts of a business, is critical in today’s perimeter-less environment. RevBits CIP is an integrated, yet modular security platform that can be incorporated with existing security stacks and architectures. RevBits threat detection aggregates critical security stack functions within a single view, enabling IT and security teams to triage events and activities, eliminate false positives and minimize alerts.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, signature scanning, behavioral analysis, identity and privileged access management, and a zero trust model, RevBits combines rich context from multiple attack vectors into a unified view. IT and security teams get a complete 360-degree view of all RevBits deployed cybersecurity capabilities. Leveraging shared threat intelligence from this holistic view enables immediate action, while seamlessly navigating between multiple security functions.

Click here for a demo on how RevBits helps detect threats early and remediate them quickly.

Originally published at https://www.revbits.com on August 9, 2021.




RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. Protect against them with RevBits comprehensive Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform.

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RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. Protect against them with RevBits comprehensive Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform.

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